Studying in London you should know

London – England’s capital and largest city in the UK, one of the most popular travel destinations for many years to study abroad. This reputation is supported jointly by consistent quality of education, internationally renowned universities and diverse cultures of the city.

Recent population estimates that the total population of London is 8.7 million people, non-British student (2010/11) estimates it is about 102,000 people. The city of London has the most international students in the world. London is a true international city, offering a truly international experience to the students studying there. If more than 25% of the approximately 400,000 London students from over 200 countries and territories outside of the UK want to study in London, there is a high possibility that someone in your country is there !

Studying in London is a big step in your career pass. Many employers place great emphasis on your learning experience in such famous places. The economy of London is supported mainly by the service industry. This created the center of financial, legal and media companies that chose to headquarter in London, and opportunities for experiences increased and work in your area. With more than 30,000 courses, you can find everything you need to meet your career and development needs.

Many leaders, businessmen, international politicians are studying the institution of London. Aung San Suu Kyi (opposition politician of Burma), Mahatma Gandhi (Indian ideologist leader), respected Desmond Tutu (British bishop and apartheid activist) are examples of the importance of London graduates in higher education.

University of London
There are over 45 universities, London is the main research education center. In 2015, there were four top 100 universities in the world.

An interesting unique institution is a federal agency with 28 independent institutions and colleges and is a London university that includes some of the most famous institutions such as London Business School, UCL, King’s College, Queen Mary and the University of London. As a student at one of the universities you can access a large student community that is considered a student at the University of London and has over 120,000 members.

The five best universities of the London 2017 university (comprehensive university guide) are as follows.

Queen Mary University London
King’s College London
University of London
Imperial College London
University of London School of Economics
Surprisingly, London lacks the existence of “old” universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, which were established with the first university of the capital in the early 1800s. The title “oldest university in London” is still the subject of discussion today. This is because three institutions make feasible claims to the title. These are UCL, King’s College London, University of London. The latest university in London was Imperial College London established in 1907 and existed as a university until 2007, when he became an independent university at the University of London.

In addition to these universities, London has attracted major private institutions such as Regent College, BPP, Richmond University and others. At these colleges and colleges, you can usually use small classes, professional teaching subjects, networks close to graduates for your career.

Courses in London
London is more expensive than the rest of the country as well as most of the capital of the world. According to UK Border Agency (UKBA), students living in London need at least £ 1,200 per month to cover their living expenses in order to obtain a visa. This is a minimum requirement, and more money is needed when socializing or exploring at your time in the city.

Visa information
In order to study in London as an international student from outside the EEA, it is necessary to apply for a student visa. However, it is expensive to prove that there is more money in London due to living expenses. Details are in the directory of study abroad in the UK.

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