Seven steps to study in London

1. Search deep in London college
Because I thought that I would like to study in London, I wanted to get a master’s degree in marketing. So I reviewed the QS World University RankingsĀ® at a university in London and started research on Google. I chose some universities in London and, regardless of who visited the site, it was limited to those who offered the marketing program at a price that I could buy. Then I followed topics to cover at each university and visited sections of the site, such as news and events, teachers and alumni associations, social media pages, and made my choice!

2. Leave much time for your application

If I ask you to study in London, I recommend starting at least six months ago and passing your IELTS test. Because I needed two reference books, I took one from my employer, I got a bachelor’s degree from the university. I had to write a cover letter explaining why I would like to study at this University of London. Since I was an international student, I issued a CASS number for visa application. It may take time for the university’s application procedure, but all the procedures that foreign students must receive take a lot of time.

3. Preparation for “cultural shock”
The first month of student life in London was a difficult one, but it was very exciting! I arrived at the end of September, so I wanted the weather in London. It was raining, there was a language barrier, and if I wanted to stay home because of the time difference I really could not speak with my family. At the same time, I met people around the world everyday, learned about their culture and cuisine, and learned words like “Hello” and “Thank you” in their words. I also went to explore the city and found myself next to the Big London site I saw in English at school. It was amazing.

4. Participate in career development activities
One of the most important aspects of student life was career development and networking opportunities. All marketing students at my university became subsidiaries of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). As a member of CIM, we had the opportunity to report on successful marketing campaigns and current marketing trends by experienced marketing experts. Students and alumni were able to participate in free conferences such as these sessions and subsequent networking sessions.

We gathered weekend apartment houses outside London in September and January and competed in a beautiful venue in Buckinghamshire as a simulation game conducted by students of each group as if they were doing business.

5. UK trip
Everything is very close in the UK, transportation systems are wonderful, traveling is easy, students have discounts. What you need is a good company! So on two weekends my friend and I took a train or bus and took a day trip to another city. So, I went to British cities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton, Bath.

6. Balance research and cities
I think the biggest challenge in student life in London is not to deal with everything the city has to offer. I learned in London, especially for master’s degree, especially for international students, devotion and time are necessary. There are many things to learn from the lecture and you can learn more through self-study. The more you have to read, it is important to follow the time scale. At the same time, there are many things to discover in town such as historical, cultural, people, social life etc. Maintaining balance between education and city is important.

7. Go ahead!
My last tip, do you want to study in London? Please follow every opportunity, prepare to learn, experiment, and share without fear. You can see how strong and colorful the student life is in London.

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