Four tips for good grades

Four tips for good grades

As a professor at the university, I often ask for advice on how to get better grades. And refining my idea a few years later, I developed these ten tips. Incidentally, these hints will work for you, whether it is a small university or a large university, a freshman or an elderly. These hints are universal.

1. Follow good rules of writing
Many classes require one or more writing tasks, short responses to course work. Following these excellent writing rules, we will perform these tasks better.

Organize your thoughts before writing. Current consciousness works in newspapers and newspapers (and maybe working in high school), but it is best to sketch a preview before writing.

Understand the paper requirements. Each teacher has a specific way to know how to organize articles and it is best to know before writing. Please make sure you understand the reference system and the overall paper dynamics (font, margin, cover, footnote etc).

Write a draft (receive comments if possible). Especially for large papers, if you can submit drafts to teachers as soon as you can change them, they will be of higher quality (and better grades).

Rewrite, edit, rewrite, edit, rewrite. Let’s learn that editing and rewriting are your friends. No one is enough writers to start the final project in the session. The best authors go through the process.

Calibration, calibration, calibration. Misspelling catches you with a misspelling, but there are no other problems, so please learn the art of rereading. Alternatively, you have a buddy system with friends who read other correction documents.

2. Research, research, research
Another evidence? Perhaps, however, the rule is that you should spend at least three hours from the classroom for each lesson. Also, in some classes, it takes a lot of time to master the material. So, here are some suggestions:

I will learn quickly and frequently. By splitting your research in a short time, you can save laborious work. Give time to absorb material before moving.

Develop and practice good learning habits. Learning is a second property for you, making it a habit.

Know how to learn best and learn materials. While some people need complete silence to concentrate, know what is working for you and keep it.

I will learn with my friends for support, but please do not turn it into social events. As long as you have finished studying, research buddies can be a great tool.

Please confirm that the work is completed before socializing. This study is essential to learning important things to get better grades. Please make your work happy before that.

3. Become a good candidate
Just as all college classes have exams, the main part of the final exam is the exam, so it is important to be a good candidate. Here are some tips:

Know what you can expect during the exam. Since each teacher is doing some kind of test development, please get an old copy or ask the teacher directly. Learn the type of question being asked and what is covered.

Please read the questions carefully and plan your reply. Take the time at the beginning of the test, read all the instructions and make an attack plan.

Give enough time to accelerate and complete all parts. And know the scores so that you can complete the most important things first by the time.

Question. If you do not understand something or need explanation, please consult your teacher. Please wait for the exam and confirm that you answered the question incorrectly.

14. Hone these oral communication skills
Many classes contain presentation components. Please improve these oral communication skills and use these hints to maximize your score:

Practice speeches and presentations. Since the best speech and presentation are repeatedly done, complete scripts and sketches early so as to ensure time to practice the presentation (please make sure that the deadline is observed).

Backup copies are always required when using technology. The technology is wonderful, but sometimes it fails. If you have a PowerPoint presentation, please make a copy as a leaflet if necessary.

Do you know the situation of the presentation? Please plan accordingly. Each teacher has a series of guidelines for evaluating the presentation, and many classroom configurations are different, so you can know the situation before entering the presentation.

3 tips for good grades

3 tips for good grades

As a professor at the university, I often ask for advice on how to get better grades. And refining my idea a few years later, I developed these ten tips. Incidentally, these hints will work for you, whether it is a small university or a large university, a freshman or an elderly. These hints are universal.

If you are suffering from grades and are interested in raising the cumulative score points average, look at these ten tips to get better grades.

1. Access all classes
Now, I think it is obvious. However, I say from experience that I say that many students are missing classes for some reason. However, if you want good grades, you have several reasons to attend all classes:

Take the lesson’s material. Even if the teacher often reads the manual, sits in the classroom and listens to lectures and discussions, it helps to retrieve the teaching materials.

Visualize / join presence. One of the merits of going to university is that there is a mentoring relationship with part of the professor and it will not happen without participating in the class. Also, many undergraduates have points of participation (or bonus points), so you not only take care but also participate in discussions.

Many teachers who collect point of existence have attendance guidelines, so you can influence your grade directly by participating.

Remember to sit near the front – historically, those who do it are usually the best students.

2. Master the teacher
Each teacher has a different personality and a different system to teach his class. Therefore, it makes sense to learn what teachers wish as soon as possible. There are several ways to master your teacher:

Most faculty who understand course expectations will take courses in the first week of the class. It is your responsibility to know the course schedule and requirements.

Understand the teacher at the individual level. Rather than thinking the teacher as a symbol of the class top, you can know your teacher as a person to decide his fate in an abstract way. Please visit during working hours or stay after class.

Please contact the teacher if it is difficult. Especially at large colleges and universities, teachers do not know whether it is difficult or not, so if you have problems with classes or tests,

3. Get / Stay organized
Maybe it was one of the lucky few who did not need a planner, but the university is all about multitasking, you may be overwhelmed easily with appointments or team meetings Other requests. Here are the hints for organizing.

Use a planner or other organizational system. I have an agenda for years and I can not go anywhere without him. Others are the same as Personal Digital Assistant.

Keep the date / course schedule up to date. Having a system is not enough. It must be used. So, if you have a system, get used to it (and soon will be second nature).

Please focus on homework, examination, classroom work. Do not just throw old homework and tests behind your car or on the floor of your room. It is necessary to meet the teachers, to discuss these and to learn future tests to determine your class in the class. Please keep all documents of the class in a central location.

3 tips for good results

3 tips for good results

As a professor at the university, I often ask for advice on how to get better grades. And refining my idea a few years later, I developed these ten tips. Incidentally, these hints will work for you, whether it is a small university or a large university, a freshman or an elderly. These hints are universal.

If you are suffering from grades and are interested in raising the cumulative score points average, look at these ten tips to get better grades.
1. Spend time wisely
Even if you are not procrastinating, even the most organized people in the world, time can be one of your biggest enemies at school. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your time.

Please do your best at first. Yes, since I take the most difficult ones first, I have enough time to finish them. When you complete the work in that order, you will feel a sense of accomplishment.

Take a break as a reward for work. Take a break, talk with friends, watch TV and do important work. A break is not only a good incentive to help you finish things but it makes you more comfortable doing the next job after a break.

We will divide large projects into small and easy-to-understand parts. When doing a thorough semester work at the end of the semester, divide the work into smaller parts and assign deadlines to each parties.

Please do not exaggerate yourself. Learn to say no. In addition to all the academic activities, you need to participate in all kinds of clubs and organizations during your academic year. And at some point you have to learn how to say no as part of your request for time.

Let’s work hard with ease. One of my favorite students said that I worked hard to spend my time. That is a good balance. Please make sure that you are working first.

2. “Amazing”
Another reason to join the class is to include class notes. These notes are important clues to what the teacher thinks is the most important material you should learn. So you should not only take notes, but also learn how to use them for your benefits. There are several promotions:

Become an active audience of the class. Please do not read newspapers, chat with friends, or write in roommates during class. Instead, listen carefully and actively and seek clarification when necessary.

Take good notes in the classroom. Even if you write a note from scratch or a teacher, the key to finding the details of the key is to make sure you can make the most of that note.

Create or organize computer notes outside the class. Although this proposal may sound a bit extreme, it shows that the sentences to learn can be rewritten to improve understanding and preservation.

3. Using the manual
Teachers assign textbooks for reasons – you should not break. It must complement lectures and class discussions. Please follow the tips below to purchase and use all manuals.

I will read all assigned materials. Is it an obvious sound? If the teacher has assigned chapters, please read all the notes, case studies, tables, exhibits etc on the attachment (unless otherwise noted).

I know important things. At the same time, I know which part of the text is most important. For example, in one of my classes, the vocabulary is the most serious and the textbook emphasizes this point by printing all terms and their definitions at the end of each chapter.

Please understand the material using a folding system. It is minimal to read or emphasize the material in the text. To make the most of what you read, take notes and sketch the material.

10 reasons I do not want to study in London

10 reasons I do not want to study in London

Hoping to find somewhere within your reach (academic), you have a student life with great awareness and facilities to support your physical ability, persistent through the university’s webpage Gating is a difficult task. Prospective students can find the right place online for the next three years’ lives.

The best night in London, the best day, and all other calls can easily forget bad things. It’s a little bit here.

Fashionable people

During work? Use your time effectively
Running in common pajamas is the right of college students in the UK. With busy schedule and headache last night, there is nothing more unimaginable than you need to wear real clothes when you are looking for a box of beans and white bread in the store. But in London it is a very competitive job. Colonies of vibrant drone love the model and are firmly daily attire, so it is not usually a problem to wear pajamas in the capital.


Transportation system of the most expensive city in the country is clearly expensive. In addition, there is unpredictability that causes students to be late for the city meeting. If too late and too expensive service is not enough to stop you, the fear of strikes will win.


One of the main attractions studying in the capital is a claim that enthusiastic and enthusiastic students are waiting for a lot of employment. The truth is that your career opportunities are presented in front of you at your fingertips. However, the student still misses thousands of graduates who find shelter in London. As all career prospects are met with more excellent candidates, students notice that they are behind the coffee corner counter instead of exciting new internships.


For those interested in sports, Quidditch rugby, London has no resources to support student activities. Because skyscrapers and shops dominate every part of the city, students seeking a lively and healthy life will be forced to move from the capital to a green country. Wednesday afternoon is full of trains and buses than sports moments.

It is reserved everywhere

In London, there are the best bars, restaurants, venues, not speaking. However, as the schedule gathers and the exam is getting closer, I will go out on weekends. If they need two drinks, the student goes to their favorite bar to be refused by the boring hostess asking for a reservation.

Bad hostel for students

The living in London seems to always be attractive, such as along the River Thames and skyscrapers in Fitzrovia. These buildings exist and inexpensive centers have been found, but future students may be packed in areas outside the city. An incomplete four-story house, which is about 50 minutes away from the corner store and the central London subway station, will soon get angry.

Imper Personal Campus

The university in London is struggling to share space with shops and offices. This leads to a highly dispersed university, with little integration between the universities. Because student organizations are poorly organized and there is little knowledge of what is happening around the university, students feel like poor people and lost souls in big cities.


The verdict comes not only from fashionistas and graduates, but also from all people in London, especially urban workers. During a fictional walk that inevitably enters the subway, you are likely to encounter commuting. The suffering of these slaves of the nation’s capital is sufficient to prevent future students.


There is a great night in London every evening and night. In most cases, this will automatically be provided as a plus for college life. However, as money decreases over time, student nights become increasingly rare. Also, there are good things somewhere in town in the rare occasions London students do. If there is a big hole in your heart than your wallet, the fear of missing something is that all the students in London are used to.

London chat

Regardless of this all, London students and residents are proud of where they always live. Because you live in London, cost and mass, deadline and judgment, it is worth it. This is probably the most boring part of studying in the capital. Because it can not be compared with your city. Generally, it is cheaper and fun.

Ten foreign scholarships you need to know

Ten foreign scholarships you need to know

If you are suspected to study abroad, it may be related to the astronomical expenses of overseas migration and the increasing international tuition fee. You do not know is the number of funding options available to cover the cost.

1. Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters
As part of a joint master program with Erasmus Mundus, I will receive a full scholarship fee for tuition and living expenses. The program usually lasts 1 to 2 years and sends you to at least two foreign universities. Click here for details.

2. Fulbright program for international students
These scholarships to study in the United States will support doctoral students, young artists conducting research and research. Admission requirements and admission requirements vary by country and are listed here. Select a country from the drop down menu at the bottom of the page and wait until it is redirected to the appropriate page.

3. QS Leadership Scholarship
Every year, this $ 10,000 grant is awarded to promising doctoral students showing strong leadership and contribution to specific communities and causes. Can you do that? Please participate in the QS World Grad Tour and submit a short essay.

The 4 th QS Scholarship (Academic Excellence)
A scholarship of $ 10,000 is targeted to students who have high academic ability and can make a big contribution to their field. Master’s or doctor’s tuition fees can be used anywhere in the world.

4. QS Faculty Scholarship
Starting in 2016, this scholarship is worth $ 10,000 as a bachelor’s degree tuition fee in one of the QS rankings. Candidates are invited to submit a short essay explaining how inspiring people have influenced their lives and goals.

Great Wall’s 5th program
The Great Wall program is funded by the Chinese Ministry of Education, if you wish to study abroad in China. All scholarships will sponsor foreign students and scientists from developing countries who wish to conduct research and / or research in China. Please contact the UNESCO National Committee of your country, request the document provided by UNESCO at the desired Chinese university and submit the application online.

7. Clarendon Scholarship at Oxford University
Every year, Clarendon Scholarships Fund has awarded 140 scholarships. This scholarship is offered on the basis of academic ability of all subjects at Oxford University. After the registration deadline date of the course selected in January, the judgment will be carried out automatically.

8. Adelaide International Fellowship
At the Adelaide University in Australia, we offer doctoral student fees, health insurance and scholarship scholarships. Scholarships are two years in the master’s program and three years in the doctoral program. To qualify, you must have something equivalent to a first-class Australian honorary degree. To apply, please apply online.

The 9th International Future Award at the University of British Columbia
The University of British Columbia in Canada offers scholarships to international applicants based on economic needs and academic outcomes. In order to qualify, you must have excellent educational background, bachelor’s degree, international degree and financial need. Click here for details.

10. Westminster International Scholarship
In order to receive a scholarship to study at Westminster University in the UK it is necessary to be a full-time academic proposal as an international candidate in a developing country. Please check if your country is growing here. These scholarships will be awarded based on academic excellence, financial needs, and possibilities of development. Please check the method to apply here.

How to earn a scholarship to study abroad without wasting your time

How to earn a scholarship to study abroad without wasting your time

Please do not allow expenses for studying abroad. A common misconception about overseas study is that it is forbidden. There are thousands of scholarships and scholarships literally abroad. Who does not like free money? We are all just thinking about the feelings of this emoji in the mind and eyes.

You may have to sacrifice something in the months to the overseas summer / semester / year (you can not reduce dessert and Christmas shopping). Better adventure. Combining smart economy and financial aid (overseas study abroad scholarship etc), you will eventually be able to reach your destination.

Students exploring on tablet
There are ten safe steps to acquire the best scholarships abroad (although you can not easily study overseas scholarships). We want to travel to a wonderful place but we do not want to waste time with old fashioned ideas and strategies because we are confusing school, work, family, friendship We I wanted to go hunting. Please choose your destination (ideally the best one). And please read the tips to learn the stock market without hesitation.

Step 1. Ask for help
First of all, do not be afraid to help people around you. Please contact your university overseas office, faculty, grant office, academic expert to seek scholarships and scholarships they know.

If you can, please go directly to these offices, ask for advice instead of sending e-mails or contacting by phone, to obtain a scholarship to study abroad. I am impressed not only to ease the life of your professors and overseas offices, but also your determination and initiative to personally talk about financial aid. The most difficult thing to study scholarship abroad abroad is just looking for a scholarship, so ask the experts if you know it!

Step 2. Research, research, research
We can not say enough: search! If you can apply for more scholarships, you can receive more money. You can find the GoAbroad Scholarship Directory! There are other resources to create scholarship lists for foreign students such as NAFSA, but this list is not exhaustive and there are many types of scholarships to study abroad. Please also study to strangers:

Regional scholarship / overseas scholarships: These scholarships and grants are created to encourage scholarships in certain countries and specific cities: B. Scholarships for students who wish to study Japan. These scholarships can find scholarships that you would like to promote international relations through your interactions with overseas students, even from your university, the government you study abroad, or the government of your home country.
Scholarships / program-specific scholarships: These scholarships and scholarships are often offered to students who select particular overseas programs. This may be an independent study abroad or a specific program created by your university. Only students who intend to study under this program will be eligible.
Specialized scholarship / overseas scholarship funds: Students who intend to study overseas specific subjects or major subjects are like foreign language scholarships who are awarded many scholarships and scholarships. In addition to dealing with problems, this financial aid is also very specific about the specific issues that need to be investigated in a particular country.
Scholarship / student-specific scholarships: Some scholarships are awarded based on factors such as sex, race, religion, disability or sexual orientation. For example, foreign students have special scholarships! While international students are expected to diversify, programs such as Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship and Diversity Abroad Scholarship are especially useful for students seeking financial support. Overseas Study There are scholarships of minorities. Please find it!
Scholarship for International Studies / Scholarships: Many universities offer scholarships and merit awards. This applies to all students who generally wish to study abroad. It is not just about finding financial help from your home university! Foreign scholarships for students can be obtained from various organizations according to their affiliation. Please look at the university you study abroad. Many higher education institutions around the world provide scholarships to foreign students and help more students attend university.
Organizational Scholarship: Please consider it for non-profit organizations that award scholarships and scholarships, students who meet the standards of local governments and cultural organizations. The best example is the scholarship of LGBT students, Italian and Hispanic students. The possibilities are endless!
Scholarship / scholarship for study abroad: In addition to receiving the FAFSA scholarship for your term, there are many scholarships and scholarships funded by the government Students can study and work overseas I can do it. A good example is the Fulbright program or a chef’s scholarship and scholarship funded by the UK government for international student leaders who wish to study in the UK.
Shortcut of love? Please confirm and save these 45 international scholarships worldwide.
Girl with laptop and phone
Overseas fellowship to facilitate application
Step 3. Please contact the stock exchange / stock exchange directly
The best way to check details of the scholarship you are applying and the current requirements of the application is to contact the sponsor directly – they are practically writing books on how to obtain scholarship abroad ! This not only allows you to get all the relevant information but also shows that the stock market and suppliers / suppliers are not afraid to actively pursue the scholarship you want the initiative to hold I will.

Get it. Yes. his. radar!

Step 4. Optimize your resume
If you bring a list of scholarships overseas, you must strive to receive scholarships. The big part is your resume! Please introduce your international experience, update all the latest campus activities, and try not to move the page. Accurate sentences are important.

Since the cover letter is the only opportunity to partner with resume and discuss reasons suitable for scholarship, it may become an important part of the application form. But I can not send a comprehensive cover letter to the students you are in. Let’s concentrate on how you want to translate your lesson from abroad on campus or at home to your life.

When applying for a study abroad scholarship provided by an international university it is important to investigate how this country organizes CVs and cover letters. If your language skills are excellent, you can study them in the language of the country you studied!

How can I get a scholarship and study abroad?

Step 5. Confirm reference
No, we are not talking about your bibliography. Most overseas study tours require testing and applications. It is a person you worked in a professional or academic environment. For most students, this means contacting the teacher and asking for help. If you ask the teacher for reference or write a letter of recommendation, please ask him to prepare in advance.

It is also important to know that you know familiarly with picking up interactions with teachers and employers. In other words, do not ask a Spanish teacher who joined the course two years ago to write a letter of recommendation (unless your relationship is sólido).

In addition to recommending scholarships for overseas study, please contact the relevant authorities on the stock market itself. For example, if you are applying for an overseas leadership scholarship, you will need to contact the academic advisor of the club of the university you belong to. If you apply for fellowship for international relations, please contact your political scientist. But regardless of whom you reach, I always understand that I am asking you to spare time to help you (Follow up, the written gratitude feeling I will not hurt).

Step 6. Please select your calendar

When you apply for a number of scholarships and scholarships and apply for overseas study abroad programs, it is sometimes difficult to track deadlines and registration conditions. This may seem obvious, but please create a special calendar for overseas scholarship applications. If you are applying for multiple wallets (or one!), An organizational stay is essential.

A girl walking under a bow
Visualize your experience abroad to pass through the thief of the application
Step 7. Apply, apply applicable!
It may seem like you are tired, but please ask scholarship abroad as quickly and completely as possible. This bit takes a lot of time and patience, but everything is important. You already have a lot of small jobs, so your process should work properly. A smaller price is added and you can send summer, semester, or year to overseas with less stress and less stress!

Avoid the temptation to customize the application as much as possible and copy and paste from one application to another application. Scholarship holders know when to study the value of the foundation and the object of a particular scholarship. Adapting each application increases the opportunity to become an expert who knows how to study abroad with a scholarship.

Step 8. Take it seriously over time
Especially when applied to many applications, it is easy to feel that it is necessary to rush application. However, you must receive overseas applications as seriously as you apply for enrollment in your university. Please read the overseas scholarship instruction manual carefully. Please take lots of time and complete many requests. If you can not feel in a hurry, do better work and better work means better opportunity for more financial support!

Step 9. Take notes
Although this may seem like elementary, in order to obtain a scholarship to study abroad it is often necessary to take good grades. Not all scholarships and scholarships require stars or average grades, but many of them are scholarships. This is simply because the vendor wants to know that the student who received the scholarship is serious about their overseas experience. It is important to show good fellows abroad doing good work before your time, fellows wanting to serve not only travel opportunities but also opportunities to expand your academic horizons to overseas.

Friends of surveillance for Montenegro
Your hard-earned dollar, go with your friends!

Step 10. Evidence is in passion
In most cases, personal essays are necessary for requesting study abroad, if not all. You can bring dynamic flashback to your college application testing and the stress they caused, but do not be afraid! In these applications, it is a chance to shine. Please spend your passion for the country you are studying abroad and the country you are studying in your essay essay.

Fellows and vendors want to know that their money is being used for just good reasons and that the students demanding it are enjoying that opportunity. So do not be afraid to express yourself. Please tell me your story and explain why you deserve a scholarship that you can study abroad.

Finally, the most important thing to remember is to spend time and effort on scholarship applications abroad, as well as other university scholarships. Look at the results. Even if you can not get a scholarship to study abroad, there are other ways to stay abroad on a cloud funding site like FundMyTravel. While you work, do guidance and babysitters. Overseas you are immersed in the culture you study! ).