Ten foreign scholarships you need to know

Ten foreign scholarships you need to know

If you are suspected to study abroad, it may be related to the astronomical expenses of overseas migration and the increasing international tuition fee. You do not know is the number of funding options available to cover the cost.

1. Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters
As part of a joint master program with Erasmus Mundus, I will receive a full scholarship fee for tuition and living expenses. The program usually lasts 1 to 2 years and sends you to at least two foreign universities. Click here for details.

2. Fulbright program for international students
These scholarships to study in the United States will support doctoral students, young artists conducting research and research. Admission requirements and admission requirements vary by country and are listed here. Select a country from the drop down menu at the bottom of the page and wait until it is redirected to the appropriate page.

3. QS Leadership Scholarship
Every year, this $ 10,000 grant is awarded to promising doctoral students showing strong leadership and contribution to specific communities and causes. Can you do that? Please participate in the QS World Grad Tour and submit a short essay.

The 4 th QS Scholarship (Academic Excellence)
A scholarship of $ 10,000 is targeted to students who have high academic ability and can make a big contribution to their field. Master’s or doctor’s tuition fees can be used anywhere in the world.

4. QS Faculty Scholarship
Starting in 2016, this scholarship is worth $ 10,000 as a bachelor’s degree tuition fee in one of the QS rankings. Candidates are invited to submit a short essay explaining how inspiring people have influenced their lives and goals.

Great Wall’s 5th program
The Great Wall program is funded by the Chinese Ministry of Education, if you wish to study abroad in China. All scholarships will sponsor foreign students and scientists from developing countries who wish to conduct research and / or research in China. Please contact the UNESCO National Committee of your country, request the document provided by UNESCO at the desired Chinese university and submit the application online.

7. Clarendon Scholarship at Oxford University
Every year, Clarendon Scholarships Fund has awarded 140 scholarships. This scholarship is offered on the basis of academic ability of all subjects at Oxford University. After the registration deadline date of the course selected in January, the judgment will be carried out automatically.

8. Adelaide International Fellowship
At the Adelaide University in Australia, we offer doctoral student fees, health insurance and scholarship scholarships. Scholarships are two years in the master’s program and three years in the doctoral program. To qualify, you must have something equivalent to a first-class Australian honorary degree. To apply, please apply online.

The 9th International Future Award at the University of British Columbia
The University of British Columbia in Canada offers scholarships to international applicants based on economic needs and academic outcomes. In order to qualify, you must have excellent educational background, bachelor’s degree, international degree and financial need. Click here for details.

10. Westminster International Scholarship
In order to receive a scholarship to study at Westminster University in the UK it is necessary to be a full-time academic proposal as an international candidate in a developing country. Please check if your country is growing here. These scholarships will be awarded based on academic excellence, financial needs, and possibilities of development. Please check the method to apply here.