How do you apply for a university in London?

How do you apply for a university in London?

Studying at the University of London is one of the most exciting times in your life. Please make sure you have prepared preparation guide for studying in the UK.

University of London Application Guide
There are four important steps to consider an application in London:

For the level of your study, please read the following application guide
Please search the course databases and find the course that suits you
For details on your favorite college please register at Study London
Apply for a UK student visa
Find a course
You can use the course search to find the appropriate course. Please check the entry requirements of your country. Entrance requirements of each course and university are different. You can register with us to register your favorite course and contact the university directly.

If you are unsure whether your qualification will be accepted by the university in London, please contact the university’s international office to see if you qualify. Alternatively, please compare your country’s qualification with the UK’s qualification and submit it to the National Academic Certification Information Center NARIC that will submit officially certified (charged) documents.

Let’s study in London
The application process for studying at a university in London depends on whether you wish to obtain a bachelor’s degree or a graduate degree.

Bachelor’s degree programs are commonly referred to as undergraduate programs. Graduate courses are divided into two categories: graduate school and graduate school. Graduate courses are called master’s degrees, MA, MSc, MBA, MRes, LLM, etc. Graduate school research programs generally refer to doctoral programs.

To read the appropriate application guide, please select from the following options.