10 reasons I do not want to study in London

Hoping to find somewhere within your reach (academic), you have a student life with great awareness and facilities to support your physical ability, persistent through the university’s webpage Gating is a difficult task. Prospective students can find the right place online for the next three years’ lives.

The best night in London, the best day, and all other calls can easily forget bad things. It’s a little bit here.

Fashionable people

During work? Use your time effectively
Running in common pajamas is the right of college students in the UK. With busy schedule and headache last night, there is nothing more unimaginable than you need to wear real clothes when you are looking for a box of beans and white bread in the store. But in London it is a very competitive job. Colonies of vibrant drone love the model and are firmly daily attire, so it is not usually a problem to wear pajamas in the capital.


Transportation system of the most expensive city in the country is clearly expensive. In addition, there is unpredictability that causes students to be late for the city meeting. If too late and too expensive service is not enough to stop you, the fear of strikes will win.


One of the main attractions studying in the capital is a claim that enthusiastic and enthusiastic students are waiting for a lot of employment. The truth is that your career opportunities are presented in front of you at your fingertips. However, the student still misses thousands of graduates who find shelter in London. As all career prospects are met with more excellent candidates, students notice that they are behind the coffee corner counter instead of exciting new internships.


For those interested in sports, Quidditch rugby, London has no resources to support student activities. Because skyscrapers and shops dominate every part of the city, students seeking a lively and healthy life will be forced to move from the capital to a green country. Wednesday afternoon is full of trains and buses than sports moments.

It is reserved everywhere

In London, there are the best bars, restaurants, venues, not speaking. However, as the schedule gathers and the exam is getting closer, I will go out on weekends. If they need two drinks, the student goes to their favorite bar to be refused by the boring hostess asking for a reservation.

Bad hostel for students

The living in London seems to always be attractive, such as along the River Thames and skyscrapers in Fitzrovia. These buildings exist and inexpensive centers have been found, but future students may be packed in areas outside the city. An incomplete four-story house, which is about 50 minutes away from the corner store and the central London subway station, will soon get angry.

Imper Personal Campus

The university in London is struggling to share space with shops and offices. This leads to a highly dispersed university, with little integration between the universities. Because student organizations are poorly organized and there is little knowledge of what is happening around the university, students feel like poor people and lost souls in big cities.


The verdict comes not only from fashionistas and graduates, but also from all people in London, especially urban workers. During a fictional walk that inevitably enters the subway, you are likely to encounter commuting. The suffering of these slaves of the nation’s capital is sufficient to prevent future students.


There is a great night in London every evening and night. In most cases, this will automatically be provided as a plus for college life. However, as money decreases over time, student nights become increasingly rare. Also, there are good things somewhere in town in the rare occasions London students do. If there is a big hole in your heart than your wallet, the fear of missing something is that all the students in London are used to.

London chat

Regardless of this all, London students and residents are proud of where they always live. Because you live in London, cost and mass, deadline and judgment, it is worth it. This is probably the most boring part of studying in the capital. Because it can not be compared with your city. Generally, it is cheaper and fun.

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